Abode Zero Waste Concept and Goals!

Abode Zero Waste (formally Abode Complete Cleaning) started in 2019 as a pilot project, to help our cleaning clients refill some of their cleaning products. We didn’t like seeing all the bottles end up in the recycling, or even worse, the trash!

Eventually, we started offering more goodies such a body products like Shampoo and Conditioner, and reusable items like bees wax wraps to help eliminate single use plastics.

Unfortunately, we felt the impact of the economical down turn of Covid-19, and had to shut our doors to Residential Cleaning and say goodbye to so many of our lovely clients that we have had for years!

Having spent SO many years in our clients homes, we see the RECYCLING STRUGGLE, the clutter and the chaos, we know it on a first hand basis. 

We want to continue to provide IN HOME Zero Waste Delivery and Eco Design Service so our clients can feel destressed and liberated from GARBAGE!

OUR GOAL is provide as Locally Sourced, made on Vancouver island, BC and Canada, non-toxic natural products!

Our PROMISE is to RESEARCH and provide the best options for product, packaging, delivering and reusing with the ZERO WASTE GOAL in mind. So many ‘Refill’ systems are popping up that offer fancy packages and containers but we feel that the containers you have can be reused! And a boxed container of soap with a spout still needs to get recycled? This is less waste but not ZERO.

We only choose manufacturers that provide 20L refill buckets that are transferred to Mason Jars or ‘Refill Pouches’. We return our 20L containers to our manufacturer, you return your pouched to us! There is very little recycling involved. 

Yes, Shipping is not Zero Waste but the concept of a ‘Closed Loop’ system of reusing products is great for the environment, we are accountable for our containers! Shipping light weight pouches (empty) uses 7 times less fuel consumption then plastic bottles, and less emissions then shipping glass. 

And our local delivery vehicle is electric! 

Abode zero - Your Local Refill Delivery Service

Meet the Abode Zero Waste Team

Get to know our team today.  We want to be part of your routine for a better, healthier, and cleaner ZERO waste lifestyle.

Laura Rosengren

Owner and Toilet Scrubber

Laura Lorca

The Bean Counter and Keeps us Thinking

Kerston Beattie

Customer Service and Everything Else (GM)

Darren West

Delivery Driver and Gardener/Farmer

Refill Pick Up/ Drop Off Let Us Do the Work!

Save Time and Money! 

No waiting in lines, no fee for delivery!

We offer Mason Jar Refill Pick Up and Drop Off  locations at our office in Courtenay, BC.

Pre-Order and Pre-Pay Online!

Please keep in mind this is not a BYOB system. You can pick up our PRE-Filled Mason jars to refill your products 

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