We Make Zero Waste Easy.

That's why you're gonna love us.

Sure, you could go down a rabbit hole researching the best eco-friendly kitchen, laundry, and bath products. Then go find them, use the products, and toss the containers into the recycling.

We’re happy to remove the guesswork and deliver incredible home cleaning and body care products right to your door – so you can skip out on all that single-use plastic.


One day in 2005, Laura’s oldest daughter started to crawl. While observing the tiny hands and feet explore the freshly washed floor, she started to think about all the chemicals listed in her cleaning products. All the chemicals that get on our skin and in our lungs. All the chemicals that contribute to water and air pollution. All the chemicals that…


After discovering the dangers conventional cleaning products pose to young children (and adults), Laura didn’t think twice about keeping her home clean with safe natural, non-toxic products.


At the same time, Laura had started a residential cleaning company and was experiencing a severe eczema breakout on her hands. It didn’t take much to connect the dots to harsh cleaning products, and, after replacing them with natural, non-toxic ones, the eczema disappeared. For good.


In 2019, while contemplating the life cycle and environmental impact of single-use plastic, we started offering refillable cleaning products as part of our services. After a while we introduced natural shampoo, conditioner, and hand soap. Then we added reusable kitchen items like beeswax wraps and bamboo dish scrubbers. 


Unfortunately, we felt the impact of the economic downturn of Covid-19, and shut our doors to residential cleaning and said goodbye to all our lovely, dedicated clients.

So what happened next?!

Well, the recycling struggle is real and we want to do something about it. 

Having spent over a decade cleaning other people’s homes, we saw all the clutter and chaos that accompanies single-use products. We’ve also experienced it ourselves.

With Zero Waste on our minds and the planet in our hearts, we provide refillable Canadian-made natural, non-toxic products for kitchen, bathroom, and laundry. We do this so people can give single-use plastic the ol’ heave ho and feel liberated from all that waste. 

To provide you with the best product options, we’ve rigorously researched products, packaging, delivery, and reuse. We choose small Canadian manufacturers that provide 20L refill buckets of product that we transfer to reusable plastic pouches and glass mason jars. 

We return the 20L containers to our manufacturers (for reuse) and you return your containers to us. We clean, refill, and reuse the pouches and jars over and over and over, so there’s little recycling involved on our end. 

We know shipping isn’t Zero Waste. But we do our best. 

We use an electric vehicle to deliver reusable plastic pouches and glass jars locally (for free). We only ship plastic pouches across Canada – they use less fuel consumption than plastic bottles do and they produce lower emissions than shipping glass.


We want to rid the planet of single-use plastic and believe small changes make a difference for the future of our planet.


We proudly support small businesses and believe we can all work together to create positive change in the world.


We want everyone to live happy, healthy lives, and recognize the importance of eliminating toxic cleaners and body products from our homes, schools, and workspaces.


We strive to provide the best possible experience – one that leaves you feeling inspired and at peace.

What the heck is Zero Waste, anyway?!

The goal of Zero Waste is for all resources to be reused in nature, without anything making its way to landfills, incinerators, or oceans. 


It’s core principle encourages the redesign of services and products to include durability, repairability, and reuse, with recycling and composting as a final option. 


A zero-waste lifestyle is all about simplifying life, curbing consumption, and supporting companies actively working to reduce waste. (Hey, that’s us!)

Meet the Abode Zero Team

We’re a dedicated crew with a shared passion to help households make simple changes towards a healthier home and happier planet.

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Abode Zero refillable delivery service


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