About Zero Waste Refill Systems

Getting Started

The easiest way to shop is to select from the Starter Packages. You get all your Home necessities with one easy click! But hey, we won’t stop you from shopping all of our other great zero waste products 😉


Delivery fee is $10.00:)

Local Deliveries are free with purchases over $99.00

By default, all of our products come in 250ml, 500ml, and 1 L Reusable/Recyclable Pouches. 

For local deliveries you may choose to ADD Mason Jars for a refundable deposit :=) They are easy to store and easier to wash out, plus they last longer then the pouches. Sorry, no shipping with Mason Jars (Pouches are better for the environment for shipping, lighter and less packaging).

Fill your containers at home with Abode Zero products! 

Local Deliveries: When your pouches or jars are empty, pretty please rinse them out really well and set them outside on our next delivery day. We will drop off your ‘Refills’ and pick up the ‘Pouches’ and ‘Jars’, sanitize them and Reuse!  

Shipping Deliveries: When your pouches are empty, pretty please rinse out really well, place them in the Abode Zero pre-paid mailing bag. When it’s full, mail back to us! We sanitize and refill the pouches for many more uses:) 


Sign up for Auto Refill memberships and you will get your favourite refills sent every 4 weeks, sign up for this service, EDIT or CANCEL(within 48hrs notice) and you may just submit your order manually (be sure to order before you run out, you don’t want to have to run to the store and buy more single use containers:((

Manage Your Account

We use a very accredited and secure invoicing system called Quickbooks  and you can pay by credit card or e-transfer once we have processed your order. 

Abode Zero
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Did We Miss Something?

If the above FAQ’s did not answer your question or inquiry, please feel free to contact us with the form to the right and we will be more then happy to help. 

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