Deluxe Natural Body Box


Zero Waste with Zero Effort.

Get a curated collection of deluxe, natural body products. Each Abode Zero Deluxe Scented Body Box includes:

1 x Abode Zero Hand & Body Lotion | 240ml

1 x Abode Zero Shampoo | 240ml

1 x Abode Zero Conditioner | 240ml

1 x Active Humans Vanilla Coconut or Unscented Natural Deodorant | 60 ml

1 x Honr Labs Exfoliating Face Cleanser |100ml

1 x Honr Labs Refreshing Face Toner |100ml

1 x  Honr Labs Hydrating Serum | 30ml

1 x Honr Labs Silicon Exfoliator





Body Mist: Indulge your senses with Active Humans Vanilla Coconut Deodorant. Best used after shower, workouts, or a quick refresh on the go! This recipe includes witch hazel that acts as natural astringent and antiperspirant.

Body Lotion: Our hand-crafted lotion is made from the finest Organic Shea & Cocoa Butters. This non-greasy formula has high absorption and includes anti-aging properties that results in beautifully moisturized skin.  

Shampoo  & Conditioner: Our natural sulphate-free formula brings your hair to life with our signature blend of nutrient rich herbs. No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Synthetic fragrance, parabens or formaldehyde found here!

Face Cleaning Routine: We couldn’t resist adding Honr Labs’ (Kelowna, BC) amazing natural face cleansing and moisturizing products. Comparable to all those expensive high-end natural, non-toxic brands, you won’t break the bank with these personal care items.

Add Ons

Body Bar 5 Pack, No Body Bar Pack


Lavender Bergamot, Mixed Bag of Scents, Rosemary Orange, Unscented

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