Home Pack Refill – Lavender


Lavender Bergamot Home Pack! 

A perfect unique and useful gift pack! Locally made, environmentally friendly soaps and scents package

featuring a blend of calming Lavender and refreshing Bergamot. 

*LFT products come with Lavender Only, Refill packs may be ordered with AZ Lavender Bergamot Blend.
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The Lavender  Home Pack  features:

AZ Air Freshener – Our air fresheners are scented with only natural essential oils, no synthetic fragrances or harsh chemicals. Natural Enzymes are added to help eliminate pesky smells from pet beds, kitchens and washrooms. – 500ml | $50

LFT Hand Soap – Our perfectly balanced formula will leave your hands soft and clean– 1L | $21

LFT Dish Soap –  2x concentrated, plant and mineral based, natural & non-toxic dish liquid. – 1L | $19

LFT Liquid Laundry Soap – Coconut based and 8x concentrated liquid laundry detergent delivers results you can rely upon- 1L | $35


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