Laundry Powder, The Soap Exchange, Enviro Wash, 1KG


Enviro Wash Laundry Detergent – Unscented

Enviro Wash is a highly superior, biodegradable all temperature powder with stain remover for all types of fabrics. Whitens, brightens and cuts through grease and grime leaving clothes soft and fluffy. Highly concentrated. Excellent results in both high-efficiency and standard washing machines.


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For regular wash in a standard washing machine start with 25ml Enviro Wash for a full load, back it off if doing a medium or small load. For heavily soiled clothes or extremely hard water use 60 ml.

In the high-efficiency machine use only 15 ml (1 tablespoon) maximum.


Highly concentrated

No added perfumes

Whitens and brightens fabrics

Leaves clothes soft and fluffy

Conditions and softens wash water

Cuts through grease and grime easily

Rinses quickly and completely from clothes

Can be used in hot and cold water washes

Designed for use with all washable and colour fast fabrics

We hope this guide will assist you

Size Traditional Machine H.E. Machine
500g approx 20 uses approx 33 uses
1K approx 40 uses approx 66 uses
2K approx 80 uses approx 132 uses
4K approx 160 uses approx 264 uses
20K approx 800 uses approx 1333 uses


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