School Fundraiser

Give, Give, Give with Infinity Refill Service.

Shop here and your school gets money — 10% of the money! Yup, it’s as simple as it sounds.

eco-conscious refill subscription box

How it works:

1. Shop products on this page.

From hair care & body products to laundry soap & household cleaners, we provide safe, natural products for everyone.

2. Use your unique PROMO code at checkout.

Your PROMO code (school name AND your child’s division number) will be provided by your school. 

Share your code with family and friends — more products purchased under your school’s PROMO code, means more money for your school.


3. We deliver.

Free weekly delivery for everyone in our local delivery area.

For Vancouver Island schools outside our immediate area, we’ll set up a free delivery date for your school.

Shipping charges apply to family and friends located outside the Comox Valley & Comox Valley Regional District.


4. Enjoy your products.

We know you’ll love them as much as we do, and you’re more than welcome to shop products on our entire site. But …

Shop the items below to get your school the big bucks.

Pick your fundraising products:

Why shop with us?

We deliver non-toxic products for your bathroom, kitchen, and laundry — right to your door. 

Based on Vancouver Island, we provide a selection of Canadian-made safe, eco-friendly home and personal care products.

We believe in protecting our planet and we believe in our products. 

They’re good for you, good for the planet, and do their job well.

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